Advanture Magazine - Issue 07
Advanture Magazine - Issue 07
Advanture Magazine - Issue 07
Advanture Magazine - Issue 07
Advanture Magazine - Issue 07
Advanture Magazine - Issue 07

Advanture Magazine - Issue 07

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Advanture Magazine issue 07. Our first full-production issue of Advanture is here. A collectable coffee table vanlife journal, 100 pages on uncoated FSC certified paper. Enjoy inspiring stories from the road from those who love to explore and have adventures.

A vanlife magazine like none other.

Stories: In Taller we look at a very rare Volkswagen T3 Doka restoration. Vanlifer Ben wanted a home on wheels in both the USA and in Europe, so what would be more perfect to own than two very complimentary retro vehicles?

We introduce Old Timers. A new feature in Advanture looking at stories dating back to the 60s. We go on the road to the Côte d’Azur with Regina and Dietmar, in their first T2 in the early 70s, and follow their journey to the present day.

Life on the road is always interesting for Slacker Van. A love for yoga and slacklining keep this adventure couple curious to travel and discover both new places, and new people.

In our latest DIY conversion series, take a look at installing a diesel heater into a modern Volkswagen transporter. Check out some of the latest gear fit for road life in Gear Up, and enjoy a host of other stories from around the world.

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About the publisher, Advanture Magazine:

Our goal is to discover, create and curate the best vanlife content to celebrate those who love to explore on four wheels. Download Advanture Magazine on your mobile device, to read it on the road. Advanture Magazine is the first digital and print publication to inspire the modern vanlifer.

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