Wall Panel Kit - Upholstered | Mercedes Sprinter 170
Wall Panel Kit - Upholstered | Mercedes Sprinter 170
Wall Panel Kit - Upholstered | Mercedes Sprinter 170
Wall Panel Kit - Upholstered | Mercedes Sprinter 170

Wall Panel Kit - Upholstered | Mercedes Sprinter 170

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Cover the factory interior of your Mercedes Sprinter 170 High Roof with this beautiful upholstered wall panel kit. With plenty of material options, you're able to make your van conversion fit your style! 

Please see FAQ regarding window cutouts to see available options.  If a specific cutout is needed, enter this information in the notes section at checkout. 

EXT Models: Please reach out to us! We can make upon request!


  • Panels are cut to size and pre-drilled for easy mounting onto factory holes in your vehicle
  • If keeping factory foam headliner blocks, your blocks (or wall panels) will need to be trimmed for a flush fit
  • Holes are added at the center of the panels to prevent vibration that do not coincide with factory holes. This will require drilling and rivet-nuts for proper fitment
  • Not all vans come off the factory line identical. Expect a handful of rivet nuts to be a few millimeters off-course. These need to be widened out with the drill bit or burring bit for the screws to align properly
  • Factory Window cutouts are cutouts wider than opening, where no spacers are required
  • Driver forward window is large factory window behind driver seat
  • Upholstered paneling features acoustic + thermal insulating landau foam with low water absorption below marathon tweed
  • All 1/4'-20 stainless steel machine screws + washers with zinc coated steep rivet nuts with option of black oxide hardware.


DIY Upholstery

The DIY upholstery kit is designed for you to apply your own upholstery to your wall panel kit. 

  • Base material is upholstery-grade meranti
  • Landau foam liner is moisture resistant, sound deadening, and has excellent thermal insulating properties.
  • Comes with fabric, foam liner, and adhesive, and a punch. 
  • Easy to upholster, beautiful finish


The Preupholstery kit will arrive to your door already upholstered!  No extra work on your end needed!


  • Grey Mix Tweed
  • Heather Grey Tweed
  • Black Tweed
  • Brown Tweed

Please refer to our materials page here to see images and details of each option: Materials


Weight: Approx. 85-195lbs
Thickness of panels: 0.20"-0.26" depending upon material choice 

What's Included

  • Driver Side Upper Panels
  • Driver Side Wheel Well Panels
  • Driver Side Back Door Panels
  • Passenger Side Upper Panels
  • Passenger Side Wheel Well Panels
  • Slider Door Panels
  • Rear Door Panels
  • Installation Guide
  • Rivet Nuts and Machine Screws
  • Proper Sized Drill Bit

DIY Installation

Installation Difficulty: Medium | 2 people
Installation Time: 1-2 Hours
Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool, Screw Driver, Drill Bits


    • Can you do window cutouts on this kit?

    There are three types of window cutouts for wall panel kits:

    Full sized window cutouts: If the cutout is for a full sized window, this is relatively simple as we will just have the cutout hug the factory shape at the edge of the window (still flush, so there are no gaps). This is free of charge.

    Vanspeed Capsule cutouts: If the cutout is for a capsules, we can cut your wall panels for perfect compatibility with our capsule trim rings.

    Smaller window cutouts: If the cutout is for a smaller CRL style window (usually 14" x 33" or less), we STRONGLY recommend ordering the panels first and using them as a cutting template. The cutout is free of charge, but the trim rings are not. Trim rings are typically $200 - $400 per set depending on window size and made from joined layers of baltic birch. We will have to collaborate a bit on these orders as I need the approximate window location and precise window measurements prior to making the rings or cutout.

    • How do some of the Mercedes Sprinter wall panel kits vary?

    Mercedes Sprinters interior designs changed in 2018 with two key features that changes wall paneling:
    1. Newer models began featuring factory holes on Upper Wall Panels. While the holes are still pre-drilled on the wall panels, they do not have correlating factory holes and the wall paneling will need to serve as a drilling template for rivet-nut installation. 

    2. Newer models have redesigned rear doors that use exterior hinges as opposed to older models that require interior hinges. The wheel well panels in older models have a cutout specifically designed to house the retracting rear door catch. Additionally, lower back door panels have a different shape for older model sprinters.

    • How can I order a material that isn't listed?

    Reach out to us with your request as we can offer this kit in:

    - Any Marathon Tweed Fabric
    - And Nassimi Fabric


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