8 Ways to Make Money with Us While Living on the Road

8 Ways to Make Money with Us

all while living on the road

Anyone who's lived on the road will agree that the one question we get asked the most is: "how do you make money"? Moving into a vehicle obviously will help save the chunk of money that isn't used on rent, eating out too often or buying unnecessary things you have no room for... but still, nothing comes for free! It's interesting to see the diversity and ingenuity in how people sustain this lifestyle, whether with seasonal, part-time or full-time work. 

 A lot of you set out to exercise their expertise remotely, and we know there's a serious talent pool out there. Simpler Ways was created and curated by and for our nomadic community, and from the start it's been important for us to find ways to fuel our growth by preferably working with people who've opted for a similar life path. And since we often get asked about potential work opportunities, we decided to compile all the ways we might be able to work with you in the future.  

 We’re still a very young company so we’re not making any promises, but please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you’re interested in any of the opportunities below. We’d love to get the conversation started!

1. Become an affiliate

If you run a blog or a social media account covering any and all aspects of life on the road, you might consider our competitive affiliate program. You’ll be able to offer discounts to your followers or create affiliate links in your blog posts, redirecting to products from our catalog. In both cases, you’ll earn a commission for every item sold. Our catalog covers all aspects of a nomadic life, with a healthy obsession for quality and sustainability — so why entrust Amazon with your affiliate links? We are open to other collaborations as well, such as the occasional giveaway or sponsored posts and stories.

2. Sell your DIY products and tutorials

Did you build your own van? Or did you come up with great DIY ideas over time to solve specific design challenges specific to living on the road? Did you know we are open not only to makers with our handmade section, but we have a DIY tutorials section? That’s right: the vision for Simpler Ways is to become the one-stop-shop for anyone looking for the best products and ideas for their home-on-wheels — no matter the budget of the customer, or how big the seller’s business is. So if you think the (Vanlife) world would benefit from your great designs, let us know and we’ll get you started with your very own seller shop on Simpler Ways. There’s no commitment, nor sign up or listing fees!

3. Be a brand ambassador on the road, or at van gatherings

We have been attending events as Simpler Ways for a few months now, but there are many, and over a large territory. It takes a village! We can’t be everywhere, so we put in place a remunerative brand ambassador program allowing people in the community to spread the love for us. Reach out for more details!

Simpler Ways is the one-stop shop to build and equip your rolling home — tastefully and responsibly. We do the research so you don’t have to! We offer a carefully curated selection of conversion kits, DIY resources and gear for the road for modern days nomads.

Simpler Ways

4. Write for us

Simpler Ways was founded on the vision of a community-curated platform. Most importantly, we want our Journal to be a trusted and helpful source of tips and information for whomever is considering experiencing Vanlife. We have a long roadmap of blog posts covering all aspects of life on the road, but the only way to achieve the level of quality we strive for, is to open the platform to contributors with relevant experience in those various fields. For example we invited Chad, a nomadic barista, to guest-author our article on the best ways to make great coffee on the road, or Tiffany and Whitney, who shared their tips on how to travel with dogs. If you're interested in contributing, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you!

5. Join our gear patrol

Simpler Ways is “curated by and for the community”… What this means, is that we build our catalog based on real-life experiences from all of you. Onboarding new brands is a lengthy process, and much like in a lot of other industries, knowing someone “from the inside” always helps fast-tracking things. So if you happen to have used a product that you think will fit our catalog and can introduce us to the right person, we’ll reward you with a commission if we effectively add the product to Simpler Ways.

6. Sell your photos

One of the reasons why our lifestyle has seen exponential interest in the past years is the similarly exponential increase of content shared by travelers from their journey. We, much like all of us, are inspired by the quality of photography often found online. And since content is key to running an online business nowadays, we are keen to tap into the amazing creative pool within our community. Do not hesitate to share your portfolio and your rates via this form, so we can get the conversation started! We also have a “Tiny art” section if you would like to sell your road life-inspired art prints.

7. Sell your merchandise

Have you created some rad stickers or other merch you would like to sell online? No need to spend the time and money building a Shopify store of your own: at no cost, you can create your very own seller shop on Simpler Ways and list your merch there! There’s no commitment, nor sign up or listing fees, we only take a commission on items sold.

8. Work with us as a freelancer

Running an online business requires the occasional expertise we won’t have in-house. As stated earlier, when we need to outsource anything, we like to work with people from within our community — a humble but essential way of fueling our lifestyle. Below is a list of expertises we’ve looked for freelancers for in the past. It’s non-exhaustive, and if you’re good at anything you think we might need now or in the future as a company, please do let us know by filling out this form!

  • Growth marketer
  • Ecommerce specialist
  • Accountant
  • Tax expert
  • Lawyer

Our mission is to inspire people to downsize their lives to live better. If this resonates with you and you think we should work together, please drop us a line!

We're all in this together, so I truly wish we get to give back to our community with opportunities that will help this project grow, inspiring more people to downsize and embrace a nomadic lifestyle!

See you on the road.

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