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Welcome to the one-stop shop to equip rolling homes of all shapes and sizes. We offer a carefully curated selection of home goods and outdoor gear designed for the modern downsizers.

DIY build kits

Custom designs
you can build yourself

Buy a kit, get $50 off your next order

Simpler Ways marketplace for rolling homes

We pride ourselves to source our products from brands & makers who care as much as we — and you — do.
We value transparency, and our badge system allows minority-owned
or eco-conscious businesses to let you know they are.

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Homes-on-wheels are unusual spaces to outfit, requiring ingenuity and creativity. Many have been there before, so we created a marketplace for vanlife essentials, vetted by our community. Driven by our values and experience, we carefully curate our growing catalog based on these three pillars:

function + quality + purpose

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The chair made for anywhere
8 lbs of rad that supports up to 1000 lbs of adventure
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Ultraportable air coolers
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One towel for every adventure
Durable, reliable luxury powered by flax and hemp
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On the road with kids

What we learned from 5 years on the road with 2 kids
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