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Earth day, every day

Why we care, and what we do about it

It's our responsibility, too

We choose to believe that if you're considering living and traveling on the road, you care about the natural habitat you'll be calling home more often. We do, too. Yet by experience, not everyone shares that feeling, and as the interest in nomadism increases tenfold, more camp spots, more trails and more parks are being trashed every day.

As a new and small business, we don't know whether we will become profitable just yet. But taking a financial risk doesn't mean we should put our convictions on hold. As a for-profit eCommerce business, we know we're part of the problem, too. That's why we decided from the start that we would only sell North-American stock (the products are physically in North America when you purchase them) to North-American customers.

We believe success in business also means creating a voice you can raise, and using growing resources responsibly. We're in business to inspire more people to travel by land and enjoy the outdoors. It's our responsibility to compensate our impact, as much as educate ourselves to be better stewards of our Planet when we do what we love.

Our best shot at making a positive change is to lead by example. This is why, from day one, Simpler Ways has been a proud supporter of the following organizations.

What we're doing

Offsetting carbon emissions from all deliveries

EcoCart is an organization that allows online shoppers - sellers and buyers - to offset the carbon footprint of their orders, thus powering a sustainable shopping experience. Instead of giving you the option to do do so, we've decided as a company that we should just do it for you. Well... for our planet. Simpler Ways offsets carbon emissions from every delivery.


Educating on outdoors ethics

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics's mission is to provide innovative education, skills and research to help people care for the outdoors. It works with the public and those managing public lands, focusing on educating people—instead of costly restoration programs or access restrictions. Beyond our donations, being Community Partner allows us to spread vital information to help people enjoy the outdoors more responsibly.