Own less, live more

Our mission

Inspire people to downsize their lives to live better

How it started

The need to need less

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Space-optimized design

Curated for life on the road

Our promise

We carefully curate every single product sold on Simpler Ways, and everything we sell ships from the USA or Canada. While we're very curious and open to all projects, we only onboard brands and makers who build stuff for the road and who meet our three criteria below:

Simpler Ways vanlife marketplace quality equipment and stories


All items listed on Simpler Ways are made to inspire and help you downsize your life. Tiny living requires constant optimization, leading to a myriad of design challenges. Our role is to look for the products solving for them, so you don't have to

Simpler Ways vanlife marketplace quality equipment and stories


With a life on the go, quality can't be overlooked: your gear will have to survive the road. Our platform is built on community feedback and experiences, so you can have the peace of mind knowing you're buying things that are made to last

Simpler Ways vanlife marketplace purpose-led equipment and stories


Because we give a damn, we source products from people who do, too. We value transparency, and our badge system allows minority-owned or eco-conscious businesses to let you know they are

Simpler Ways vanlife marketplace sustainability actions

Earth day, every day

Why we care, and what we do about it