Simpler Ways joins The Journal of Lost Time family

April 7th, 2024

New Beginnings

Simpler Ways joins  The Journal of Lost Time family

We are thrilled to share the news that as of today, Simpler Ways is part the Granite & Light family, alongside the Journal of Lost Time and the Lost Places events series.

Over the past few years, Granite & Light - via The Journal of Lost Time - has been serving the same community as ours with passion, creating impactful events and transformative stories, with a unique mission to help people seeking to do more with less. 

We genuinely believe that in working together, we’ll expand our ability to serve our community better. The same rigorous curation and strong values we’ve had since founding Simpler Ways back in 2020, paired with The Journal of Lost Time’s remarkable role in the nomadic community creating interactive and collaborative spaces for locals, nomads, and brands with shared values, will allow us to create a deeper and more meaningful connection between all three. 

As a testament to our intentions and the path ahead, the Journal of Lost Time  just announced The Caravan: a temporary village for our overlanding, vanlife, and nomad community in Naturita, Colorado this June 6th - 10th. For the first time ever, Simpler Ways will be curating a makers market by and for nomads, Way Faire, where brands and makers will be able to present their goods to attendees.

Simpler Ways is the one-stop shop to build and equip your rolling home — tastefully and responsibly. We do the research so you don’t have to, and offer a carefully curated selection of conversion kits, DIY resources and gear for the road for modern days nomads.

Simpler Ways

In 2023 alone, the 6 Lost Places events gathered over 10,000 nomads. Our shared reach across our online platforms surpassed 100,000.

We are beyond excited for the future of this partnership, and this new era for Simpler Ways' mission to inspire people to downsize their lives to live better.

With this chapter, we will now be able to offer brands in the Outdoor, Overlanding and Vanlife space a combined expertise in:

  • Storytelling & Media,
  • Field Marketing, 
  • Online + Events Retail

This will allow our partners to build authentic and long-standing relationships with our community like no other entity in that space.

See you on the road,

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