Collapsible Pour Over Coffee
Collapsible Pour Over Coffee
Collapsible Pour Over Coffee
Collapsible Pour Over Coffee
Collapsible Pour Over Coffee
Collapsible Pour Over Coffee
Collapsible Pour Over Coffee

Collapsible Pour Over Coffee

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Shop our Lightweight Collapsible Pour Over That Is Both Packable & Durable

We love great coffee no matter where we are and what we are doing. We designed the lightweight collapsible pour over for hunting, fishing, backpacking, bike-packing, backcountry skiing. It is for anything where durability + lightweight gear = success is what this product was designed for. There has never been a reliable coffee solution in the backwoods until now. The stainless steel, collapsible frame makes the lightweight collapsible pour-over durable, while the reusable coffee sock takes away single-use waste in the woods and delivers a consistently brewed cup of coffee. This all paired with the rugged-looking wax-canvas bag creates a 6.5oz, packable coffee system perfect for the backcountry. Don't Just Take It From Us

The lightweight collapsible pour over coffee pairs perfectly with the double-walled camp cups by BruTrek.

How to Brew

Instructions are based on a 12oz Standard Coffee Cup

Step 1 - Heat Water

Step 2 - Grind 15 Grams of Coffee (2 Tablespoons) at Medium-Fine to Fine

Step 3 - Place Collapsible Pour-Over on Top of Your Desired Vessel (BruTrek Tumbler or Camp Cups Pair Perfectly) and Pour Grounds into Reuseable Coffee Sock

Step 4 - Pour Hot Water on Top of the Grounds

Step 5 - Watch the Magic as the Water Mixes with the Grounds and Will Drip Through the Reusable Coffee Sock into Your Coffee Vessel

Step 6 - You Have a Beautifully Brewed Cup of Coffee to Enjoy in the Backcountry

Step 7 - Rinse and Dry Out the Reuseable Coffee Sock so it is Ready for Your Next Cup of Coffee

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