Leveler Legs for your Campervan Furniture
Leveler Legs for your Campervan Furniture

Leveler Legs for your Campervan Furniture

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Dealing with an uneven surface in the back of your vehicle? Let our leveler legs be the solution!

With up to two inches of adjustability, this accessory allows you to even out the Trunk Bunk or Home On Wheels Kit so you can get a better nights sleep in your vehicle.

Level Out Your Vehicle Camper

Is the back of your vehicle sloped a bit and proving challenging for your setup? Our industrial strength leveler legs makes it easy to even out the Trunk Bunk and Home On Wheels Kit, giving you a more pleasant camping experience in your adventure-mobile.

For those vehicles who can’t achieve a fully flush or flat surface for placing the Trunk Bunk or Home On Wheels Kit, our extra strength adjustable leveler legs are here to help! By giving you two inches of adjustability on all points of contact, these leveler legs can even out our products in all kinds of surface areas that might otherwise give you a slanted bed.

Choose between a Trunk Bunk set or a Home On Wheels Kit set to get the right amount of leveler legs included with your order to meet your product needs. The leveler legs easily attach to all the crucial points of contact for either the Trunk Bunk or Home On Wheels Kit to give you the adjustability you need. Instructions for attaching these are included and much like our other products these can easily be assembled with nothing more than a screwdriver.

More Questions?

If you’re still unsure if the leveler legs are a good fit for use in your vehicle camper setup, don’t hesitate to contact us (click on the "ask a question" button).

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