My Medic | Myfax Pro Red - First aid kit for emergencies anywhere
My Medic | Myfax Pro Red - First aid kit for emergencies anywhere

My Medic | Myfax Pro Red - First aid kit for emergencies anywhere

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Myfax Pro Red first aid kit can be used for emergencies anywhere—a day at the park, a multiday backpacking trip or an off-road adventure in your Jeep.The best first aid kit on the planet! Equipped with high-performance life-saving supplies, so you’re prepared, confident, and protected.

↠ Made from high-quality nylon Cordura for utmost durability and functionality.
↠ Multi-use pack
↠ Over 100 quality first aid and trauma supplies
↠ Tear away pouch inside can be used as an additional mini first aid kit

↠ This Advanced MyFAK kit contains many of the same items as the Basic MyFAK kit, plus a tourniquet, QuikClot, burn dressing, chest seal, sutures, surgical tools and more
↠ Rip-away, hook-and-loop panel offers easy access
↠ Heavy-duty carry handle
↠ Foldout detachable mesh pocket
↠ D-rings attach to shoulder strap
↠ Case is water-resistant
↠ Can be wrapped around a car headrest
↠ Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved

Need less? Check out the My Medic | Myfax Standard Red


↠ Rapid Application Tourniquet System
↠ QuikClot 3 x 24 in. gauze
↠ 2 Liquid Skin (5g)
↠ 4 in. emergency trauma dressing
↠ 3 in. x 12.3 ft. gauze roll
↠ four 2 x 2 in. gauze pads, four 4 x 4 in. gauze pads
↠ four 3 x 4 in. non-adherent gauze
↠ 1 pack 0.25 x 3 in.
↠ Secure Strips (3 per pack)
↠ Curad Performance Series antibacterial bandages: two 2 x 4 in. bandages, 2 knuckle, 2 fingertip, 2 knee & elbow, four 1 x 3.25 in. bandages
↠ two 3.5ml BurnShield, 4 x 4 in. BurnShield burn dressing
↠ CPR shield
↠ Hyfin Vent chest shield
↠ Nasal airway and lube (28 French)
↠ Acti-Splint finger; woven triangular bandage
↠ 2 in. x 5 ft. hook-and-loop elastic bandage
↠ Vaseline
↠ 2 sunscreen
↠ 2 Chapstick Lip Guard
↠ 2 antiseptic BZK wipes
↠ 2 large alcohol prep pads
↠ 2 Medicaine Sting + Bite
↠ 2 oral pain relief
↠ 2 P.A.W.S. hand sanitizing wipes
↠ 2 antiseptic Povidone wipes
↠ 2 triple antibiotic cream
↠ 2 hydrocortisone cream
↠ two 30ml SALJET Bullet sterile saline
↠ ammonia inhalant
↠ Benadryl
↠ Bayer aspirin
↠ 2 Medi-Lyte electrolyte replacement
↠ 2 Pepto-Bismol
↠ 2 Tylenol Extra Strength
↠ 2 Dramamine
↠ 3 Advil
↠ 2 Endurolytes fizz tablets
↠ survival rescue blanket
↠ rescue whistle
↠ lightstick
↠ 20 ft. of 7-strand Atwood 550 paracord
↠ pen light
↠ 7.25 in. EMT shears
↠ thermometer
↠ needle puller
↠ moleskin blister protection
↠ large black nitrile gloves
↠ 3-0 suture
↠ 5-0 suture
↠ No. 3 scalpel handle
↠ No. 10 scalpel blade
↠ No. 11 scalpel blade
↠ tweezers
↠ 1 in. x 2.5 yds. waterproof tape
↠ 4.25 in. surgical scissors.

About the brand, My Medic

My Medic was born after a tragic car accident took the life of a loved one. Lack of equipment, proper training, and a long wait for emergency medical services to arrive led to an unnecessary death. Life can be dangerous... Our goal at My Medic is to prepare you with the equipment and training for the unexpected emergency. Whether you’re at home, in your vehicle, or out on an adventure, our products are ready to perform when you need them most. Our first aid kits are stocked with the highest quality gear, convenient features, and speciality tools that you won’t find anywhere else. Experience Elevated First Aid.


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