Primus - Campfire Pot
Primus - Campfire Pot
Primus - Campfire Pot
Primus - Campfire Pot
Primus - Campfire Pot
Primus - Campfire Pot
Primus - Campfire Pot
Primus - Campfire Pot
Primus - Campfire Pot

Primus - Campfire Pot

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Place this stockpot directly over an open fire or use it with a stove for perfectly simmered soups, stews, and hearty hot meals.


  • Large 5-liter classic style stockpot feeds your extended family plus your campsite neighbors
  • Small 3-liter classic style stockpot size is large enough to feed a family yet small enough to carry with you to the campsite
  • Durable and constructed with 18/8 stainless steel is extremely wear and rust-resistant
  • A Stainless-steel lid with a leather tag makes it easy to check the contents while an integrated colander strains any camp meal
  • The metal handle enables the pot to be hung over an open fire and folds down out of the way during packing
  • Cotton storage bag included


Size: 3L  |  Volume: 101oz  |  Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.3"  |   Weight: 25.7ozSize: 5L  |  Volume: 169oz  |  Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.7"  |   Weight: 32.5oz


Nothing is better than sitting down with a big bowl of hearty stew after a day of exploring. Feed the entire campsite group and have extra for seconds. Made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel these stock pots can be used directly over an open fire or can be your go-to camp stove pot. A large metal handle can hang the pot or be folded down and away when not needed. The lid offers an integrated colander and a leather tab that allows lid removal without the fuss of a hot pad. When done, simply pack away in the cotton storage sack that is included to make sure any campfire soot (or food scraps) doesn’t mar the rest of the gear.

About the brand, Primus:

Freedom to explore guaranteedSteeped in Swedish engineering, Primus has been globally recognized for pioneering outdoor cooking since 1892. Since then our innovative products have made countless expeditions possible through outstanding quality and performance: a Primus stove accompanied Roald Amundsen when he was the first person to reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay used a Primus on Mount Everest when they climbed the summit on 29 May 1953. However, these are just the most popular amongst several pioneering adventures that relied on Primus in the past. Until today, our search for improved technologies and smart solutions for the most adventures has never stopped.Our passion for the outdoors and technical expertise is the secret behind every one of these innovations. It's also the reason we hand test every stove before it leaves our state of the art European production facility in Estonia. Our goal is to ensure each and everyone becomes a truly reliable, life-long companion. This approach is not limited to products for those who climb the highest mountains, enter hostile Polar regions and discover the most remote areas you can imagine. Our innovations also come into play for your everyday stove, lantern or accessories. We want you to enjoy your time outdoors. No matter where you are, no matter what you do!

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