Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"
Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"

Universal Stackable Shelves|"Click N Cubbies"

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Click N Cubbies are differently-sized storage boxes that connect together to create a custom stacked shelf unit for your tiny living space.

Choose any number and combination of Click N Cubbies, and we’ll ship them right to your door. Orders placed now will ship or become available for pickup within 1-2 weeks.


You know that car camping is more fun when you stay organized, and with Click N Cubbies, you can build the exact storage unit you need in your small living space.

Just choose the size and shape of your Click N Cubbies to build your ultimate car camping storage unit. And don't sweat the decision because these cubbies can be reconfigured any time!

One thing you'll love about Click N Cubbies is their versatility. Sure, they might help you stay organized while camping today, but Click N Cubbies can be easily repurposed for use in your garage, RV, tiny home, dorm room, office, or future car camping setup!

Oh, and did we mention how secure these things are? They aren't going anywhere! We build Click N Cubbies with a satisfying 'click-in' nesting feature that joins the walls of each cubby together. A series of holes and T-nuts attach the constructed cubbies together, and pre-drilled anchor points allow you to easily secure the completed unit to your vehicle.

Click N Cubbies are made from top-tier Baltic birch half-inch plywood with a durable laminate finish. No matter where you plan to use them, we know you'll fall in love with the quality and ease of Click N Cubbies! So order one or twelve, but do it now because surf's up!


Cubby A - Narrow Short (W x H x D)

11″ x 8″ x 11″ - 6 LBS

Cubby B - Short Wide (W x H x D)

22″ x 8″ x 11″ - 12 LBS

Cubby C - Tall Narrow (W x H x D)

11″ x 12″ x 11″ - 8 LBS

Cubby D - Tall Wide (W x H x D)

22″ x 12″ x 11″- 14 LBS

The dimensions above refer to the exterior size of the cubbies, but for interior dimensions, simply remove one inch. To determine which sizes you’ll need, you’ll want to measure your vehicle, determine approximate anchor points, and consider the items you’ll store in your completed unit.

Their Lego-like stackability means you can customize your Click N Cubbies however you see fit. They are perfect for creating highly customized car camping storage setups and are easy to repurpose as garage furniture, playroom storage, and more! Thinking of ordering a few extras? Many people do!

Every Click N Cubby features a small lip to keep your goods inside, so be sure to consider this with regard to the items you plan to store. Stretch mesh or bungee cords can be added for additional security. They also secure together with the help of t-nuts for maximum stability!


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of vehicles can I use these in?

Because the Click N Cubbies come in a wide variety of sizes and can be easily stacked on top of each other in a number of different arrangements they are ideal for just about any tiny space that needs better storage. Use them in your minivan, SUV, cargo van, pickup truck camper, RV, tiny home, apartment, dorm, shop, or wherever you need additional organization.

How do you secure these into your vehicle?

Each Click N Cubby has a series of 4 holes on the bottom which make perfect anchor points for fastening into the floor of whatever space you are using them in. It is also easy to pre-drill a hole into the bottom or back wall of a Click N Cubby and use that hole as a means of sending a screw to fasten into your sub floor or wood paneled wall. There are a lot of methods one can use to more safely secure your cubby array and if you need help figuring out how to do this for your vehicle don't hesitate to contact us.

What kind of materials are the Click N Cubbies made from?

We created the Click N Cubbies from an extremely strong 1/2" thick Baltic birch plywood with a nicely colored light gray high-pressure laminate veneer which gives them lots of durability and resistance from messes and the elements. This is a very high-quality and stable material that will serve you well as you take your Click N Cubbies out for a lifetime of adventure.

Why are these so expensive?

Everything Camp N Car sells is top quality and made at our manufacturing facility in Washington State by a team of skilled professionals who are paid good living wages. We use durable materials that are built to last and never skimp on quality at any step in the creation process.

What we make isn't cheap but it is worth it because it is engineered to a high standard, easy to assemble, and will serve you well for years on end. Our team also offers the best customer service in the industry and is here to help you if you encounter any issues with the assembly or use of our products.

How long will it take for my Click N Cubbies to arrive after I place my order?

Currently, we expect a 3-4 week turnaround from the date of your purchase to the date your order is sent out via UPS. It may be ready sooner than this but you can expect to have your set of Click N Cubbies about a month after placing your order.

Final Considerations

Click N Cubbies are for you if you want an easy-to-assemble and highly customizable storage solution for camping in your car.

These units are durable and can be endlessly reconfigured and repurposed. So buy them once and use them for life! They are the easiest way to add shelves to your car, so you can stay organized while on the road trip of a lifetime.

Remember to buy more than you need so you can play with the options and return what you don’t use.

Oh, and order now before you miss another sunset!


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