The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook - Cuisine for the modern nomad (Signed Copy)
The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook - Cuisine for the modern nomad (Signed Copy)
The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook - Cuisine for the modern nomad (Signed Copy)
The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook - Cuisine for the modern nomad (Signed Copy)

The Buslife Kitchen Cookbook - Cuisine for the modern nomad (Signed Copy)

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The Buslife Kitchen - Cuisine for the modern nomad

The Buslife Kitchen is the culmination of years of work and exploration. Through plenty of travel, many books, and countless hours in the kitchen, AJ taught himself about the foods of the world and how to prepare them. He then set about the task of refining these recipes for use in a tiny kitchen with only a 3-burner propane stove and no oven. And there you have it: cuisine for the modern nomad.

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What will you find in the cookbook?

↠ 100+ recipes from 15+ cuisines (French, Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, Chinese, and many more)
↠ Stories and Pro-tips gathered from converting our bus and learning to cook and live in less than 100 square feet.
↠ Beautiful, full-color photos showcasing the food and our life on the road.
↠ A perfect softcover binding, measuring 7.5" x 10," and containing 160 pages.
↠ A few example recipes include: steak au poivre, mapo tofu, chicken tinga, stovetop nachos, watermelon gazpacho, mango sticky rice, and pumpkin creme brulee–there really are recipes in here for everyone and every occasion.

What makes this product unique?

↠ The recipes in this book are designed for travelers: people who love to try new things. Rather than being specific to one cuisine or style of cooking, this cookbook features a diverse collection of recipes from all over the world.
↠ Every recipe in this book is designed to be cooked on a two or three-burner stovetop. We know the struggles firsthand of trying to cook really good food in a tiny kitchen. Whether you’re a buslifer, vanlifer, tiny-house-dweller, car camper, RV pilot, boat captain, or just want to cook amazing food, these recipes are for you.  If I can cook them in that tiny kitchen, believe me, you can cook them anywhere. And don’t worry: if you have the luxury of a large counter, a full-size fridge, or an oven, then they’ll all just be gravy.
↠ This book was produced entirely on the road while living full-time in the bus. I developed the recipes, shot the photos, wrote them up, did the graphic design, raised funds via kickstarter, and sent it to a printing company. I also manage the sales myself. If you want a chance to support the little guy, this is it: a one-man show. Just someone who loves food and travel trying to make a living sharing that with the world.

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