Barebones - Pulaski Axe
Barebones - Pulaski Axe
Barebones - Pulaski Axe
Barebones - Pulaski Axe
Barebones - Pulaski Axe
Barebones - Pulaski Axe
Barebones - Pulaski Axe
Barebones - Pulaski Axe
Barebones - Pulaski Axe

Barebones - Pulaski Axe

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↠ Splitting wood in the fresh mountain air has never been so satisfying.
↠ Swing the weighted head with ease as its wide-angle, 1055 high carbon steel split blade keeps its edge time after time.
↠ The 1/3” solid steel core through the wood handle secures the head with a tightening hex bolt and connects it to the steel pommel end to help you maneuver easily around rooting and trenching.

Pulaski Axe

↠ Horizontal mattock blade for cutting and grubbing
↠ Removable hex nut for easy re-handling
↠ 3 lb. hand-sharpened 1055 carbon steel head
↠ Rounded blade for chopping and splitting
↠ Durable 21 in. Beechwood handle
↠ Steel pommel at the base of the handle for hammering


↠ 900D polyester construction
↠ Reinforced with heavy-duty rivets
↠ Copper-finished snap closure
↠ Leather accents


Items Included:

↠ 1 Pulaski Axe
↠ 1 Sheath
↠ 1 Hex key


↠ Beech Wood
↠ 1055 High Carbon Steel

Dimensions:24" x 12"5.55 lbs

Country of Origin:

This product is proudly made in China. As a Certified B Corporation, we ensure that our commitment to safe, ethical, and sustainable practices is upheld by each company and artisan that touches our products worldwide, without exception.

About the brand, Barebones:

Barebones is about what feeds you. Literally. Figuratively. Soulfully.We're about food, nature, and the pull of the fire—and we supply the inspiration, goods, and guidance to help you revel in them. Whether you’re cultivating, cooking, camping, or exploring, our products will elevate your outdoor experience.

The Story

Barebones has a history steeped in philanthropic work and continues to help lift people out of poverty by providing essential skills, education, and tools.The first product ever created by the Barebones team was the state-of-the-art emergency shelter, and this continues to be one of the primary assets they provide to underprivileged communities and disaster recovery efforts. With these bare-bone shelters, people in countries across the globe are actively receiving the protection they desperately need.Barebones has evolved from its philanthropic roots, but continues humanitarian efforts and the “Do Good” philosophy it was founded on.

The Vision

“When you do good from your heart, magic happens, and that goodness comes right back.”Robert Workman has spent his career finding ways to give back: from the early days with his first philanthropic endeavour, Tifie, a non-profit that helped marginalized individuals meet basic needs, to Goal Zero, a company that started as a way to provide solar power to groups in the Congo (and now to many around the world).

In recent years, Robert has gone back to his agricultural roots by creating Barebones and the products that help connect people to food, nature, and the primal pull of the fire. He’s become more in tune with mother nature and finds joy in helping others do the same.

The Impact

Barebones is a certified B Corporation. We meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, and focus on long term solutions that create a positive impact on our employees, our community, and the world.Our philosophy on sustainability is ever-evolving: we work hard to go above and beyond set goals and metrics to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. Our latest aim is to remove all single use plastics in our box packaging and master-packs.

The Culture

Giving back is a key element of our company culture and at the heart of what we do. Employees are given a week of time each year to volunteer for a non-profit of their choice and volunteer locally at Roots Charter High School in Utah.Barebones believes in empowering communities to thrive, both locally and internationally, when resources are available. This abundance mindset is their “why” behind the generous donation of time, energy, knowledge, and products for the benefit of communities near and far.
Certified B Corp

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